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Prenatal Workouts


Virtual Prenatal & Postpartum Workouts with Ciara Puderbaugh, DPT

 One-Time & Monthly Plans Available!

Meet Ciara

Physical Therapist & Certified Postpartum Athleticism Coach

Movement, athleticism, wellness, and helping fellow mothers is my life. When I first became pregnant, I was told that I would not be able to continue my workouts and lifestyle that I had refined for years. Based on my experience as a physical therapist, I wanted to crush all notions that pregnancy is the end of a healthy lifestyle. I was unprepared for the postpartum vortex of information, opinions, and misconceptions about the recovery process. At times, I felt utterly alone, helpless, and absent of my identity. I want women to know that they're not alone and together we can create a healthy lifestyle that cultivates a positive recovery experience! 

Ciara Puderbaugh, DPT

What I Specialize In

Prenatal Athleticism



Transition to Motherhood

Recovery Milestone Development

Personalized Workout Plans

Postpartum Workouts

The Postpartum Journey is a Time of Transformation, Both Physically & Mentally. 

Begin Your Journey Today.

“Ciara helped me realize that I am stronger than I thought and can thrive as I began a new chapter of life!”

- Katherine Mitchell

“After giving birth, I felt broken and lost. My crippling anxiety prevented me from establishing a healthy routine and lifestyle. Ciara guided me to a stronger version of myself !”

- Claire Sweeney

“The MamasteStrong Prenatal Plan was the solid foundation I needed as I transitioned to motherhood. I don't know what I would've done without Ciara's love, compassion, and positive energy!”

- Alex Ross

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